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Waste Water Treatment Systems

UltraClear ST10

Concrete single tank system for up to 10 persons
NSWHD Accreditation No. 0020

All waste water and solids from house, including bath, shower, toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, etc., enter primary chamber where the digestion process takes place.

UltraClear ST10 Specifications:
  • 7315 litre collection well
  • 3006 litre primary treatment chamber
  • 2x1273 litre aeration chambers containing one media pack and two air diffusers each
  • 433 litre settling chamber
  • 591 litre irrigation pump chamber
  • Chlorine disinfection unit
  • HP80 air blower
  • 10 metre head submersible irrigation pump

The Unique UltraClear Multi Stage Process

Waste water from the house enters the 1st Primary Chamber.

Stage 1

The presense of micro organisms multiplies breaking down organic solids to an intert waste

Stage 2

Further breakdwon of solids

Stage 3

Water enters Aeration Chamber 1 where it is oxygentated & purified by aerobic bacteria as it passes through the meida modules

Stage 4

Additional purification takes place in Aeration Chamber 2

Stage 5

Water enters settling chamber. Settled sediment is returned to Primary Chamber 1

Stage 6

Water flows through chlorination device for final disinfection

Stage 7

The now treated water enters the Pump Chamber, prior to automatically irrigating your lawns & gardens